We Are Found U.
We specialize in Websites and Marketing Strategies that deliver

Offering marketing services and strategies you need to get your business out there, attract leads, sales, and conversions. Let them find you.

What We Offer

Hire your website as a full-time sales employee.

Is your current marketing and sales strategy not working for you or your business?

Are you frustrated that you're not getting enough sales?

FoundU has been in the industry for years, helping small to medium size businesses turn responsive websites into attractive money-making machines and attracting more leads converting into sales and long-term customers through proprietary in-house strategies.

Need a Project Estimate?

We can give you an SEO audit and/or critique your website for free.

How we came about and got here:

What started as a student entrepreneurial operation quickly progressed into a small business marketing firm. The clients we work with have the ambition to stay competitive in their industry and continue to innovate no matter what lands in their way. Marketing and sales plays a paramount role in any business' success and we're here to accelerate that process. This is what drives us at FoundU because client success is always our top priority.